Mimi Morehead tranny girl

Wisley/Ockham Common

I went walking on Ockham common today, along the paths at Wisley. I put up numerous postcards, did you find one? Comment if you did… I wonder if the two guys looking suspicious in the bushes found one…

Phonebox postcards

I have been set a challenge to put postcards in phone boxes. I keep them in the glove box of the car. The first one was put in a phonebox in the village of Sancreed in Cornwall. Alas no messages have been received yet but here is hoping. Is there anywhere you can think of … Continue reading Phonebox postcards

Thoughts on yesterday

So late last night I felt a little down on myself and the photos that came out. The experience was thrilling and I really loved it, and that’s why I should definitely do it again. This is a U turn on my thoughts from last night – and here is why I’ve decided to be … Continue reading Thoughts on yesterday

Not quite right…

So tonight I spent a couple of hours dressing and getting ready for an outing with Mistress. She drove me to some public places in a leopard print leather dress, knee high fuck me boots and I took along some fetish platform patent sandals; thigh high platform patent boots and some leopard print ankle boots. … Continue reading Not quite right…

Losing my virginity

Wow! I’ve just got home after losing my virginity – well in a way! Tonight, I took a massive step forward in my sissy journey and put postcards of myself up in public. Not only that but the two places I chose to put the postcards are two of the most commonly used routes in … Continue reading Losing my virginity

My first postcards

I have been told that I have spent too much time dressing and mincing around indoors and it is time that I have to take the next step. I’ve been told that although it is shameful that I am a man and I wear big silicone breasts, full make up and slutty women’s clothes; I … Continue reading My first postcards

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